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I am a young spoken word artist who Prior to A Melanin Galaxy I was most known for my achievements outside of my artistry. Born and raised in the city of Newark, I became active with the Office of Youth and College Affairs. I am a year one student at Bard High School Early College Newark. I currently freelance WordPress web design. What I have come to learn about myself is that writing is something that is more than a hobby. It is a lifestyle and every piece of writing that I find myself creating has been bringing me closer to myself and this is something that I look forward to continuing in the near future. 

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You want it? I got it! or YWIIGI is the name of my startup business. My team and I are a networking platform that focuses on social media marketing for small businesses. Our goal is to become a search engine for businesses. We plan to bridge the gap between customers and clients and the businesses and franchises that they are in search of. We believe that everyone has something that someone else needs and by bringing businesses to customers and vice versa, we hope to help consumers and business owners alike. We are currently a startup based out of the Newark, New Jersey. The image to the right is me standing next to the flyer for the very first YWIIGI hosted event which was in partnership with the city of Newark. YWIIGI plans to hold more events like this soon. 

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