A Letter Written By A Ghost

A ghost letter written by a Ghost , This is a letter coming from a quiet man

Who’s footsteps you never heard, I vanished into thin air 

I have Turned invisible, As I have went unnoticed by my society 

So I Questioned my existence, Because my otherworldly presence 

Is loved but forgotten, The words I spoken become transparent 

As I slide in & throughout other minds, I go ghost sometimes 

I’ll Disappear from humanity, Only Momentarily

While Hide In the engross shadows of singularity, Because I’m reticent about others curiosity 

For a man they love but forgotten, So I just go ghost sometimes

As I Vanished my presence of a kin, By using a Dern facial expression

Allowing me to Cloak away from reality, Giving me the ability

to see the truth in all reality, Going through words

Going through flesh, Seeing the lies of the bifold world 

I write this letter as a ghost in our society, And I learned that Silence deludes us all

Because Silence sees through All, A ghost will always knows all

because he walks the world, Without being notice at all

The silence deludes us all, & how would I know ?

Well because A ghost is who I am, after all

Did You Know

Mind of a Man, Heart of a Boy

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