A Melanin Galaxy started off as the dream of a single young man. This African American poet developed the idea during his journey as a growing poet and decided to expand upon his dream to bring it to fruition. He had hoped to be a change to his city but soon decided that what he was planning was deserved by the entire world. A Melanin Galaxy strives to change the restrictions of today’s societies that limits freedom of thought preventing some artist from reaching their full potential. In A Melanin Galaxy, our main goal Is to encourage freedom of thought amongst the young black community. 


A Melanin Galaxy Is A Movement That Encourages Freedom Of Thought Amongst The Millennial And Afrocentric Population. 

Today we strive to be a movement for those who feel restricted by societal pressures to be able to express themselves freely through multiple forms of art. A Melanin Galaxy is a movement to encourage freedom of thought and expression in the millennial and Afro centric or melanated community. We have formulated a company of writers and artists who often express themselves through poetry and other forms of art. We hope to be an inspiration across the globe, reaching as many people as possible who dream of letting their art speak for them but have trouble doing so.

We Believe All Of The Poets That Support Black America  Are Stars That Help Cultivate The Melanin Galaxy.


Donations to A Melanin Galaxy are greatly appreciated. Any and all funds will go to improving ourselves to make it easier for the audience to enjoy our work as artist. We take multiple payment methods. For online payment please see the buttons below. For any other questions or concerns please visit our contact page and leave a comment in the form provided. 

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