Dark City 5

Dark City 5

Now You know had to ask

“Aye pops where get that 20 ! “ as I walked across the street.

Pops laughed it off went into his pockets

And showed me hella 20s.

Then replied,” I got hella money sonny “.

That didn’t answer my question,

But I was fascinated with his paper.

The Old pimp ask me, “ where my guitar you usually have all day & all night “ ?

Once again honored, but I’m no fool.

I told him, “ I usually do, and every time I don’t, something goes crude”.

I ask em, “ Do you believe in magic “?

“ Cus old man I had 20 and disappeared from my pockets, but now it’s in your hand“

He laughed again, “ Oh thats a simple magic trick, it’s easy I can show you how to do it” I wasn’t interested in stealing but I kept on listening,

“I been around for 40 years I seen it all and in the dark city that is “

“It’s all about the third eye & will, with believing, and anything can happen.

I seen fire come out of niggas fingers”

Im in disbelief,there ain’t no third eye, & fire with no lighter,

I woulda called him a liar but I seen my 20.

I didn’t have time for the games I was hungry and i needed the rest of my money.

He laugh cause I didn’t believe his story,

He shrugged off and said,”play me some blues and I’ll give you a 20”

“ But I don’t have my guitar”, I said.

And he said, “well sing from your heart “.

And this is how my story starts.

Poetic Negus

My name is Antwane Boyce a.k.a the Poetic Negus , I am 21 years old, born and raised in America. I am African American with a lot in my mind and a story to tell. I want to be change in the country I live in. I want my words to have an positive Impact on the world around me. So subscribe! And travel the galaxy of this young brother’s melanin mind.

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