Dark City 3

Dark City 3

I try my hardest to stay away from the ruckus,

The fighting and the cussing

but yet someone always manages to blow my day.

See I’m walking downtown 9am onna Friday

Trying to get meal to start off my day.

I’m all checked out, I’m strutting

I usually carrier my sword with me

Aka my guitar.

Remember when I said trap all day, and play at night

Well The weekends are my time to shine

See I still play the blues & Motown grooves

On the weekends getting cash for the fam.

I make enough to bring back butter and jam

I sell a little weed when my mom needs to get out of jam.

See my dream right now is too bring the blues back

And Stop this disco movement in it tracks.

See I think it’s whack but to others it’s another reason why dark city is on the map

Every baller & high yellow mama loves the disco

Clubs play all day till the dew wets the grass

Go downtown on masley st.

And there are several clubs that brings that fever to your feet.

Well right now I’m walking on “bring it on”ave.

I see 4 men on way down

They had on those bright tight pants

The fro with the bandanna

A bunch of disco lovers

I spat on ground in disgust

It was a must, and they did the same

I’m know as the disco hater, so I’m hated by many

It’s ok these chumps can’t beat me anyway.

Poetic Negus

My name is Antwane Boyce a.k.a the Poetic Negus , I am 21 years old, born and raised in America. I am African American with a lot in my mind and a story to tell. I want to be change in the country I live in. I want my words to have an positive Impact on the world around me. So subscribe! And travel the galaxy of this young brother’s melanin mind.

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