Dark City #2

Dark City #2

It’s august 17th 1978

I step outside my scarlet house

To check the weather

Moms went to work it’s me by lonesome.

I’m 22 years old, I’m what they called a man child

Trap all day, play at night.

In the dark city the women work the jobs

And went to school.

Most men out in the dark city hustle,

Trying to use that muscle to get the food.

It was a spilt society all to chase that money

Cops patrolling to make sure the drug game was right

There was more dirty cops than good cops in this city alright

A cop wouldn’t stop if they seen coke be handed to a fine

Then Cops only stopping, if you diss them up

Then it’s on sight.

In the dark city the drugs, that’s money for the team.

That’s how it goes in the dark city

Everyone has that It’s not my problem mantra

Until someone fucking up the flow for the dollar.

I stepped off my porch to the cracked up puzzle piece concrete

Black tank top, black Nike shox, black Nike shorts

I’m all about the check.

Stepping on cigs buds & roaches while I make it to downtown market

Always prepared for what’s next.

Hands in my pocket while walking

I Gotta 20 for breakfast, I’m kinda hungry.

9o’clock is my time to make moves early enough to stay away from the hullabaloo

But fucking with me it’s always ruckus a brew

Stay intuned

Poetic Negus

My name is Antwane Boyce a.k.a the Poetic Negus , I am 21 years old, born and raised in America. I am African American with a lot in my mind and a story to tell. I want to be change in the country I live in. I want my words to have an positive Impact on the world around me. So subscribe! And travel the galaxy of this young brother’s melanin mind.

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