Conspiracy Theory

Depression has been reported to rage attacks on happiness

Known for being the leading cause of death in people 15 to 34

Suicide is spotted about once every fourty seconds,
At least 1 person has committed sucicide since this poem has began

But that’s hard to believe isn’t it?

Like, we have to question the legitimacy of a theory that sadness becomes deadly

The other day, someone told me that they believed in mermaids

They told me that water can turn some people’s legs into tails

But laughed when I said that bullying can turn some people’s mouths into shotguns

I once met a man that told me that he seasons all of his meals with garlic

He said that he did it to scare away the vampires

Then laughed at me for decorating both of my wrists with butterflies

Even after I told him that I did it to scare away the razor blades

It’s interesting how people will convince themselves of false information.

Even those who don’t believe in a conspiracy will spend time searching for answers

But no one seems to ask

What makes people die from being lonely?

Won’t ask themselves

If the people they know could be suffering from a mental illness

When talking about my mental health as a black person

It is treated like a conspiracy theory that few believe

Conspiracy:“all of us get depressed sometimes”

Conspiracy: oregano and coconut oil be more effective. Than any antidepressants.

*Mental health thrives off people thinking it’s supernatural

Allowing it to live in its natural habitat of ignorance

Sighting: mental health facilities close and people are left with their conspiracy left untreated

Undiagnosed disorders look like a growing unmedicated tumor

Sighting: children dying in their single digits.

Some not even old enough to know how to properly draft a suicide note.

My body left harmed is an unsolved mystery

Suicidal patterns and depressive symptoms are often neglected.

This in turn causes more suicides

And there’s no conspiracy in that

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