I Am

I am melinated sunni muslim 

American born into the technological revolution 

I am mental illness meets shakespeare 

Hyperfocusing my way through king lear 

I adhd my way to 88%’s 

Then compulsively obsess about how my 

Imperfections should have been left for death like my ancestors were. 

I am in simplest terms my ancestors sperm 

And eggs 

After the romeo and juliet phase

I am the wife of a blcak man that will be left for dead 

I am an asexual lover which means ive never asked for head 

But i use mine 

More brains than body and yet i still find a way to be 

Abused by 

The system 

I am lauryn hill meets chance the rapper 

I am the sound of a didgeridoo and the 

rata tat tat of a drum from the motherland 

I am the mother of a child unconceived

I am visible 

In the simplest of the simple terms 

I am me

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