When capitalism became modern day slavery

Employees became modern day slaves

The plantation became the factory

The cotton field became the conveyor belt

But we’re never stopped picking 

Massa became mister

But he still be the white man 

And we still be working for him

House niggas became office niggas 

But they never stopped being niggas 

Minimum wage increased

but it never stopped being the minimum 

We never stopped being at the bottom of the food chain 

And this is what they meant when they said ‘free’ 

Free to finally get paid for our labor 

Free to use the money for transportation to and from the modern day plantation

Free enough to afford clothes which are only to be worn when picking from the modern day cotton field 

Free enough to receive benefits 

Like the kind of health care that keeps us just well enough to get back to work 

Free enough to save money for our kids to learn just enough to work for a wealthier modern day massa 

As a modern day house nigga 

Instead of picking cotton like commodities from conveyor belts 

Like their uneducated ancestors 

We be modern day slaves now 

Macro-aggressive racism became microaggressive  racism 

But it never stopped being aggressive

It never stopped being racism 

It never stopped

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