He says I’m brilliant!

She says, he says I’m brilliant!

I heard it from him, I know it too I say. 

I don’t need to hear it from you to believe it’s true. 

Brilliance, is an intense brightness of light. 

It’s a vividness of color ranging all the way from the reds to the blues I say. 

I know it’s true. 

I’m brilliant!

I shine brighter than the smallest star in the sky. 

You can see me shine my light despite the fact that I may be very far 


From ordinary

 I’m superfluous

Don’t call me extra.
I am what hydrates your synapses when your mind is malnourished.

I am positive energy!

 The simple pulse in my veins makes any and every negative thing around me envy me.

I am just getting to know my own identity.

Yet, I  am already aware that my relationship with her is the only one that I will ever need.

Because she is brilliant

She is me.

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