Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr.

One of my favorite quotes by Martin Luther King Junior reads as follows;

“If you cannot fly then run”

If you cannot run then walk 

If you cannot walk then crawl

But by all means – keep moving” 

End quote 

Keep moving because every second that you spend still, a revolution is waiting to happen 

Keep moving because there are people that are younger than you that are fighting for a planet that you helped destroy. Just as there are people that died fighting to give you the right to do so

Keep moving because the problem of the twenty-first century has long surpassed the problem of just – the color line 

I believe that when King says to “keep moving”, he is speaking to every individual in his generation and the next. 

He is speaking to those of us that are fighting for racial equality, Just as he is speaking to those of us that are fighting for global preservation

He says “keep moving” because now  NOW – now there are places where we both cannot drink from the same water fountains. 

Martin says “keep moving” because he knows that just because we have listeners does not mean that we’re being listened to. 

Keep moving means to be aware of the school to prison pipeline 

And that it is indeed a redline 

That has been negligently crafted with lead filled pipes 

That only seems to exist in our gentrified and soon to be gentrified communities. 

Keep moving because we live in a world where too often are our actions reduced to objects for transportation. 

Because rush hour traffic isn’t the only form of trafficking that has been forced upon us.

Martin says by all means keep moving 

Keep moving because you can 

Keep moving because you are no longer being forced to be still

Keep moving because we live in a world where today – not only can we crawl but we can walk 

And not only can we walk, but we can run 

And not only can we run, but we can fly

So for the sake of Martin Luther King Jr. 

Pursue whatever dream it is that you may have

But by all means – please, keep moving

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