Him or Him

Is Him or is it him ?

Split down to the Geisel

It’s him or it’s him that’s speaking in my mental

It’s him that looks at him while i am in the mirror

The future and the past clash pitting disorder in my present

Masculinity & femininity spilt my galaxy exudes itself one at a time as if a twin is trap inside wanting to shine

Gemini … boy oh boy you been sleep

citylights blend well with camera lights make sure you pose

Cause you a superstar !

Cause they always watching you

And your twin

Spilt down to Geisel been sleep for so long I couldn’t here it in my mental


So I escaped

By never leaving from where I stay

And strum hrs away with chords and appergios

Turned it into an album

Gotta keyboard and now they call me Beethoven

Some think I’m just one of the most highs

I just think about why I had to live this type of life

Spilt but only saw one path

Bumping in all directions cause my feet walks in misdirections

Now I’m here … tryin correct all misconceptions

When I just wanna lock myself away and drift into world

Drift into time

Where my mind shares the same time and create sounds that Make you smile as you hear from 3 floor up

when I’m not trying to be quiet


Poetic Negus

My name is Antwane Boyce a.k.a the Poetic Negus , I am 21 years old, born and raised in America. I am African American with a lot in my mind and a story to tell. I want to be change in the country I live in. I want my words to have an positive Impact on the world around me. So subscribe! And travel the galaxy of this young brother’s melanin mind.

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