Bad Wanna Way

Bad Wanna Way

I want it bad

Bad like blood on the knife

I want it bad

Bad like a 4 piece in a Tyson fight

I wanna be a great Musician

I will be a great musician

But damn I want it bad

Like a starving kid bad

With the Hunger for it amplifying everyday

As Frustrations personifies my playing

As the notes ain’t hearing what I’m saying

Or maybe I ain’t hearing the notes

That shit hurts either way cause I want it bad like

Emergency ambulance blitizing down a one way going the other way bad

I wanna be a goat

I will be a goat

Creating Smooth notes having you thinking it’s jazz but it’s R&B doo wop that makes you wanna rap like you from trap but pause for a bluesy turnaround

I wanna be good so bad

I’ll be bad to be good

Imma give it to Allah hands

Frustrated like a cancer patient

Practicing like I lost patient


I need ascension faster than ever

My fingers needs to get more comfortable

My brain needs to be bigger

Stressin like I’ve been playing for 5 years

It haven’t even been two but

Fuck that I wanna be the truth

An Acoustic masterpiece

Smoothest legato solo artist

I want it bad

Like Mj losing to the bad boy pistons for second year in the row bad

I wanna be damn good so I will be damn good

I love music badly

Need it like a fine needs his rocks

Love my guitar like how they love their stocks

Allah help me

I haven’t been this frustrated with something inna long while like my expectations for myself grew

I need to better myself

No matter the cost

Cuz I wanna be great gods way

Allah way

The most high way …

Yo Cut that American out your name

You is African

Ship here to America

Nigga you ain’t American

You don’t dream that America’s dream

You dream what Martin dreamt of

But that’s not what they are after

So you gotta look dream a lil further

And go Nat Turner .

I’m angry I hate writing from Grief

Writing cause of pain

Pain of not being free

If my people not free I’m not free

And I’m talking about all my niggas

No niggas left behind type shit

Soon I’ll have to keep the grip by my sides & shit

On some No niggas left behind type shit

So Fuck you

Fuck you for making me write this

I shouldn’t have to write this

I should be boasting about the extravagant culture

Of our unified nation

But here I am wondering why we still ain’t make it

To realization that we are a nation

Located on soil thats covered in our blood

Molded by our sweat

Discovered through our songs

Yet We still don’t have a common goal to ban together

To holds hands when shit get thick

A goal that disregard inner war





Lynch mob


Kept us at bay

I hate writing this way

I don’t wanna go this way

I wanna go that way

God’s way

The righteous way

The fist and fro way

Where the trap is just called the trade

The drugs is being blocked from this way

But weed that is received by the Rastas’ is being pass around this way

Everyday Nigga !

It rains today

Shines tomorrow

Another day to recollect

My spiritual intellect

Dealing with ancestral trauma

Cause I got this far thanks to mama

I hate writing this way

Makes me feel like a slave

I hear blinding cracks from the whip

The screech of a women pain

The wail of a man given up

I hate this shit


It makes me flinch cause I felt that 200 years ago

I felt it 55 ago

I feel it now.

I bleed this shit nigga

I am more than this negus

Fuck writing from grief

I wanna write from peace and freedom

Love and heroism



Even If I have to sacrifice my limbs

And my mind to achieve it

Cause my spirit free

My spirit soars with the trees !!!!!!

I’m a deity that’s been nuzzled in Satan hell hole

And yet I still smile

I’m that wild

Above the lions

I’m better than that

More ferocious than that

That’s why I smile

No need to hurt the wild

Cause I’m that wild nigga

Poetic Negus

My name is Antwane Boyce a.k.a the Poetic Negus , I am 21 years old, born and raised in America. I am African American with a lot in my mind and a story to tell. I want to be change in the country I live in. I want my words to have an positive Impact on the world around me. So subscribe! And travel the galaxy of this young brother’s melanin mind.

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