”On Bended Knees”

You opened my eyes,

To help me realize,

My reality was wrong,

I been doing things wrong,

I been trying to make my days busy,

And Productive,

When I been making them long,

I wasn’t trying to be strong, 

I tried to avoid the feeling,

Of being alone,

A feeling that drives me insane,

So I tried to pick and choose with Women,

Trying to find Mrs. Right,

But they only wanted to see me in the night,

Like I was too ugly to be seen in the day,

I been their booty call,

Instead of a date,

And you come into my life…

I turned you into something they made me, 

A good time,

When you are worth more than sex stains on a bed sheet,

You are a woman that is worth to be brought home,

For every mom to meet,

And for the perfect man to marry on a private island,

Or the beach,

You gave me goose bumps, 

No woman seem to give me,

I just been getting my gas tank pumped,

Taking pointless drives,

To see women,

Who shows me why they’re not the one,

I can’t even have fun,

Like I had with you,

Is this true love?

Because I’m down on bended knees,

Praying to be the one you need,

I want to go back to the days where I was amazed by us,

Where each of our outings felt like the perfect love,

Where I got comfortable enough, 

To admit my happiness after blocking my ex,

Where there were no more distractions,

Just you and me…

I don’t think I can walk again,

But I’ll stand tall, 

Soon as you give me a call,

So I can take a break from,

Writing countless poems about us,

Waiting for you to let me know you need me,

I got my car keys ready,

To take a drive to see you,

So you can come back to me,

And I’ll treat you like the Queen you deserve to be,

With a King I desperately seek to be,


But understandably I can wait,

Even though I’m down on bended knees,

Waiting vigorously for you.,

Where I struggle to eat,

Where I can’t sleep,

Where the blame is on me,

And I’m waiting for you to come back to me,

I wish things can go back to the way it use to be,

Where the perfect love felt free,

But until then,

I’m down on bended knees, 

And I’ll never walk again… 

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