My Definition of a Galaxy

My Definition of a Galaxy

A galaxy is

something god created,

He or she is magnificent, beautiful,

Each star is just an small part of their soul,

Which is an embodiment of a ancestor.

Everything gravitates to his or her well being with out them even realizing.

His or her body is warm like the everlasting sun.

Galaxies are lost easily in thoughts,

As they travel Astro belts in their minds.

Spots cover their bodies,

Black holes,

The galaxy skin glows to others,

The lines on a galaxy hands & fingers resemble the spirals of God equity.

Staring into a galaxy eyes Is like staring into a image of the Milky Way

So you consider them an alien,

Since they are so different you realize they belong to no race.

They are natural born leaders you will find yourself in their orbit.

A galaxy always seeks for adventure because they understand how big this universe is.

Dust comes in colors and is their pigmentation,

A galaxy lives a life of meditation,

A galaxy keeps on growing even at the brink of death.

Poetic Negus

My name is Antwane Boyce a.k.a the Poetic Negus , I am 21 years old, born and raised in America. I am African American with a lot in my mind and a story to tell. I want to be change in the country I live in. I want my words to have an positive Impact on the world around me. So subscribe! And travel the galaxy of this young brother’s melanin mind.
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